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How to better collection of domestic car model


I believe many people love the domestic car models, most are like me, like the "side car" in the bag. Outdoors often see themselves at home "owned" model, in retrospect, that kind of intimacy is really quite special.
When it comes to car model collection, we must first domestic car models have a simple understanding. A domestic car, it from off the assembly line production, to issue car models, there is a certain period, usually six months. In this cycle, provided by the manufacturer of the original car's data sheet, or even a prime vehicle for Cars factory. Cars factory to produce the relevant data based on a hand version, sent back after the completion of the car manufacturers. Depot and then check in proportion to the original car's data, each detail. If not accurate, the need to send back to the factory along with an improved car models. This preliminary process usually takes two to three months time. Hand version of the car model appropriate to open the mold to produce a kind of car, car manufacturers issued, confirmed the signing, will put this sample sealed. Cars manufactured after this will be a standard model car. Of course, there are a few car models and the real car is almost the same time the market, such as Nissan QASHQAI. This is mainly for determining the real car manufacturers to produce car models simultaneously produced preliminary work.
The current domestic manufacturers of car models are often based on the needs of their activities in a market do, due to the growing popularity of car models culture, the car manufacturers to car models also have a higher importance. So now a common feature of many domestic car models is the "multi-purpose", not just limited to "four, front and rear cover can be opened" stage. Sunroof, fuel tank cap can be opened, the interior movable seat, made the rich even after the spare tire and jack ...... so the details, leaving more and more people fall in love with the domestic car models.
Domestic car models also has its drawbacks. Domestic automobile manufacturers commissioned Cars factory produced specially-made car models do not sell to the outside world in general it is difficult to get accurate information, what this car model will not be out, what the main circulating in what channel, then if there are sales, What will be the price. This is more difficult to understand the outside world. Moreover, some car manufacturers to control the manufacturing cost of car models, car models introduced to the product are more "reluctant" to work with the three major brands have relatively large gap.
Domestic car model style, the large number, how to better collections of domestic car models it here simply to talk about my personal thoughts, for some of the students just started refer to:
1, brand collections France: At present the domestic automobile manufacturers product lines are also not so huge foreign manufacturers. Therefore, to receipt of a domestic brand car models, consisting of a series of apparently much simpler. For example, I first collected domestic Toyota Series, Shanghai Volkswagen Series, Nissan series, or own brand series and so on. When you collected a series of natural Needless to say that sense of achievement;
2, Level Collection Law: In addition to brand collections, collections can also be based on the level of vehicle types. Such as: high-end executive-level car, collected the sounds of nature, LaCrosse, Camry, Magotan etc. limousine; or receipt of the Corolla, Civic, Sagitar this level family car collected, put together, make a comparison. Their own relatives or friends when buying a car may also come in "handy" in order to add to the collection of fun, exhilaration? There are series of similar domestic SUV, MPV series, even Truck Series ......
3. Historical Collection Method: With domestic cars, natural and ultimately the history of domestic car. Players also can go to historic collection of some models based on historical, such as wind dragon, red CA770, Shanghai brand SH760 and so on. The history of domestic car moved into their own cupboard ......
4, ......
Of course, many things are a matter of opinion, said more than just personal humble opinion, if you have more detailed information, or more perfect collection method, the thread tells ...... everyone perfect together!
And finally I had to emphasize, no matter what car model collections, do not blindly to the pursuit of quantity, value comparisons. With a healthy attitude towards collections, because they are not favorites to bring too much pressure on myself, so in order to truly enjoy the collection of fun. Again, tell yourself already have N sets of car models, not only just N Taiwan, this would be much happy.

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