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Car model should be how to maintain


Car model has a high ornamental value and the decoration effect, which use high-grade metals and plastics, high processing demands, needs painting just to reach the level of a real car, so also in the maintenance of stringent demands.
1, pay attention to dust when placed on the desk will probably be placed Cars usual table, should set a plexiglass cover to prevent dust from entering. If placed in the display case, like building a better air, then, be able to play some lights in the display case. But be sure to put a small cup of water in a display cabinet, due to the relatively high temperature spotlights lights, make of car models paint dry, then put a glass of water, can persist cupboard humidity.
2, the paint should always waxing car model is usually in place for two to three months of division, it is necessary to paint for maintenance, with the usual car wax can, waxing each division, the wax is not too much, Cars and pay attention to the gap, not the wax dripping crevice.
3, car model afraid damp, exposure, encountered rain and snow back to open the box ventilation boring, but remember not to exposure perhaps a hair dryer in the sun. Such a simple metal body paint and isolated, shorten time to save the model.
4. gently, do not drive model with a hard object like the onset of touch.

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