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How to brand car models from collections Cars


How to brand car models from collections Cars
In Europe and Japan and other countries and regions, Cars Collection is a collection of popular categories, as in recent years, an increasingly large group of car models Collection, scale models in the country has gradually been familiar and attention. Today, when the brand more and more homogeneous species, making more refined, better quality of a variety of car models, in the eyes of the people surprise debut impressively, the more inspired the enthusiasm of many fans. A collector car models friend said, "You can not have the whole world, but you can buy a globe; we can not afford expensive cars, get hold of the model can Falls Collectors Cars, in fact, like cars, all kinds. all sorts of cars, but who have money can buy all your favorite car all down? had to collect car models enjoyable. "Currently, the collection Cars has become a fashion city people, according to incomplete statistics, China's car models collectors It has more than 30 million people.
Automobile was born in 1886, and by 1914, the United States Foote company introduced Model T Ford, in order to defeat opponents in the market competition, struggled to come up with a "buy one get one" promotions, that is to buy a Cars would send a real car. But the surprise is unintentional positive outcomes, this is a free gift for car models once they come out quickly swept the world, a time many famous car manufacturers such as Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other companies have followed suit, at the press launch of the new car market at the same time Cars must be scaled down. With more and more people like car models, car models is now no longer a manufacturer promotions and means to improve visibility, made for collectors chasing the object.
Cars and car toys different, it should have at least 60-70 or more components, and must be under the authority of the former car factory, the original car design drawings, press scaled down production. High-end car models as well as intellectual property and collection certificate, and limit occurs, these toys are not available. Scale models generally use the common model scale. To faithfully "record" of each car vivid shape, scale models generally use a large proportion of common 1: 12,1: 18,1: 24,1: 32,1: 43,1: 76,1: 87 Wait. The proportion of different models, resulting in a greater degree of simulation difference, 1: 43 car models with car models to 1:18, in many of the details to be omitted. Cars usually 1:18 luggage compartment, hood, roof and front and rear doors can be opened, the steering wheel, tires, etc. can be linked, but most of all car models 1:43 overall closed.
With real cars, are very different style of each company's products Cars, therefore, must pay attention to when their appreciation Cars brand style and craftsmanship features.
Some other well-known brands of car models are: Hong Kong's "Matchbox (Matchbox)", which is one of the first to enter the domestic market car model manufacturers, the main production and one seventy-six 1:43 car models. The early 1980s, the size of a matchbox car models alloy pocket "drive" when our country's progress, only seen the metal shell toy car people eye-opening, joy adult children amused surprise, or play, or possession of, exhilaration ; Germany's "Herpa", mainly the production of car models 1:43 and 1:87; German "Minichamps", mainly the production of car models 1:18 and 1:43; the US "MBI", the main production of 1: 18,1 : 24, 1: 43 car models. In addition to Hong Kong, "Tsui (ANSON), French" Eagle (Eagle) ", Hong Kong's" Sunstar "and other brands.
For car model collectors, collections of a specific brand of car models after all, a good choice. For example, just started a family of Tibetan students who, "Martha plans," "Willie", "Prague" products for them is more appropriate, easy to start collecting. This brand products are relatively inexpensive, abundant products, the world's major car manufacturers have production car models, introduce new very fast, some did not even put into production concept car also made model, which just to meet these enthusiasts needs, and excellent product quality, many of whom are fine. Single brand of car models in the collection enthusiasts, a considerable part is devoted to Favorites "Martha map", "Prague" products, has all the car models on the brand's history is their dream. For a certain economic strength of white-collar family, the "Kyosho" and "AUTOart", "factory-made car models," "Shantou Will" is part of their favorite objects, their emphasis on taste, emphasis on fine workmanship, for them , the "Kyosho" "AA" "factory-made" for details of the pursuit, metal texture, blinding flash paint to be able to reflect their taste and quality, I have many friends who are these brands addicts . For a certain base and economic strength collections collectors, the "Franklin" and "MR" product is their goal, and these two brands of products are all handmade, exquisite and elegant, some car models and painting printing effect even finer than the real car, shape usually large proportion of all metal materials. Die casting, surface grinding painting, fine and glossy. Its internal engine, chassis, instrument panel, seats, windshield wipers and other components are identical with the original car. Some of the finest works, even the weight of even the car also scaled expression, addictive. And the vast majority are limited edition, both high ornamental value have a high appreciation of space.
Cars visually demonstrate the history of the automobile industry development, but also record the history of world science and technology to a certain extent. It is an industrial product, but contains a profound cultural connotation and social context of art, collectors Cars like stamp collecting as a cultural arts has risen to conduct small car models, people not only cherish the memory of the past, but also look forward to the future. Cars As car culture is concentrated, the combination of vehicle development process difficult, tortuous and fascinating history. A beautifully car models which also have to learn endless knowledge and enjoy endless fun. Cars is a work of art, the process of Collectors Cars, in fact, the car culture of the learning process, it is like a huge key for people to open the door to a colorful collection areas. Nowadays, play Cars become a fashion, a number of car models in the hands of enthusiasts like to collect many of them treasures, the best, when you really know the value of the car models, his own understanding of car culture expressed with car models, then certainly a small car models You can play a really style.

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