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Car model appreciation of knowledge


Car model appreciation of knowledge
 With economic development, the car has become increasingly popular in China, while increasing car model enthusiasts, how to determine the grade of a car model became fans of the basic skills of each car model manufacturers in Dongguan ShangJia Model Products Co. company concluded some of their own experience, wrote the following article, I hope after reading this article will help you.
First, the model scale
This is basic common sense, mainstream car simulation model scale of 1: 12,1: 18,1: 24,1: 32,1: 43,1: 64,1: 72 and so on, in general, the greater the proportion seeks The more sophisticated, the number of parts and accessories for more than a small proportion, the next picture shows the proportion with reference to FIG.

Second, Static Cars
Foreigners generally referred to simulate a static car models Die Cast Car, you can remote control car models named Radio Control car (referred RC car). So the difference between a static car models and remote control car model are: remote control model is movement, but the main purpose is to show a static car models and collections, bringing people feel pleasure and spiritual from the appearance and detail, to appreciate the true vehicle of God marrow.
Third, the factory authorized
This is the car model and car toy most fundamental difference, to produce a car model, the first step is not looking for the car model factory, but to tender and apply real car manufacturer. Only through a real car manufacturing plant audit, get the license, the manufacturers to cooperate with you to talk with the design. Special mention F1 and other racing products, general racing who have a lot of advertising, a lot of these advertisers have to get authorization to produce. This is why car racing series model will be more expensive than the average car models reasons.
Fourth, the model details
Details to distinguish whether or not the standard model of high-end products, each brand of car manufacturer requirements are not the same model, price range naturally not the same, so the price is expensive expensive in the details. We can judge by weight, number of parts, paint materials, feature functionality, lights windows, chassis, engine, smooth gap degree, the following reference picture.


These are the car model manufacturers ShangJia Model Products Co., part of Dongguan summary, I hope the majority of car models lovers can help.

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