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For instance, some owners just for a new car, although already sold old car still some dismay, then buy a car model to commemorate it. Enjoy the comfort of a new car can also occasionally remember what time of hard work in the past, would be a good way of life? Car model record we have taken tim

Car model has a high ornamental value and the decoration effect, which use high-grade metals and plastics, high processing demands, needs painting just to reach the level of a real car, so also in the maintenance of stringent demands.

Mercedes - Mercedes-Benz models in the letter "s" has been synonymous with distinguished, high quality and high technology, and therefore, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class has never been armed too much trouble to produce high technology.

April 20, 2008, under the joint opening Xu Jianyi, general manager of FAW Group and Winterkorn of Volkswagen Group CEO, according to the German Volkswagen design and quality standards, and in the mass car manufacturers on the basis of maturity, for Chinese consumers tailored FAW - Volkswagen new a-Class - new Bora at the 2008 Beijing international Automotive ..

I believe many people love the domestic car models, most are like me, like the "side car" in the bag. Outdoors often see themselves at home "owned" model, in retrospect, that kind of intimacy is really quite special.

I believe there is a car model enthusiasts another financial resources, it is impossible to collections all over the world in hundreds of car models, right? But the face of half-truths now the consumer market, in the face of temptation car model, car model collectors, how to distinguish the authenticity of the simulation model cars it? Car model car model man..

With the increasing number of car models lovers, people dig out from the car model more and more value. Ornamental value:


Car model appreciation of knowledge With economic development, the car has become increasingly popular in China, while increasing car model enthusiasts, how to determine the grade of a car model became fans of the basic skills of each car model manufacturers in Dongguan ShangJia Model Products Co. company concluded some of their own experience, wrote the fo..

When the eyes of surprise debut impressively, more inspired countless enthusiastic fans. A collector car models friend said, "You can not have the whole world, but you can buy a globe; we can not afford expensive cars, get hold of the model can Falls Collectors Cars, in fact, like cars, all kinds. all sorts of cars, but who have money can buy all your favorit..

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