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To favorites car model would look at this article


1, purchase history collocation method:
According to the development of the car, the production time collection, study the evolution and development of the car (including the development of shape development, engine, etc.). Mainstream of modern human civilization development experience from different periods of fashion modeling and the historical background. Development of the car, but also the epitome of human science and technology and social development of the Modern.

2, Perfect Collection Act (personal style method):
Model car collectors, according to their concept of the perfect, from 100 years of automotive history, to find models suited to their taste and style, so as to achieve self-collection of personal expression.

3, enjoy the process of law:
By simulation car manufacturers classification collection, aimed at the pursuit of the perfect combination of simulation degree, texture, process and structure of collections.

4, hands transformation method:
The simulation car to transform, such as re-painting, stickers decorative film, even for parts assembly, open canopy and other makeovers, seeking fun and success manufacture satisfaction.

5, soul to specific method:
Among collectors, who express themselves unique style, a lot of people. I know a female reporter, loyal collector of locomotives, ancient and modern, type style and taste. Taiwan predecessors, in addition to over a million portion of model cars, cars can be described as a soft spot for real. Do not you see Hong Kong also has a "car crazy" a collection of dozens of classic real car. Many professionals in the music industry can be described as dedicated, specialized collection of his own career-related treasures, such as firefighters like fire trucks, construction industry professionals close friend engineering vehicles, workers naturally by public bus bodies on a public bus, bus or even accessories, for example, real car brand, bus stops, route maps, bus tickets, ticket machines everything, one by one collection, people, events, emotional integration.

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