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High quality simulation model cars - Audi A4L


The new Audi A4L with a new look and chassis design, in front and behind the car with the Audi A5 is very similar. While the Audi A4L's not considered high-end cars, but the new Audi A4L front design was used with the family in expensive sports car design, which can also be seen for the Audi A4L we have very high expectations. Because many of the redesigned chassis parts are made of aluminum, so the chassis has improved strength and weight also decreased. Full tail smooth lines and rounded, slightly upturned at the trunk lid design played a role in stabilizing the rear at high speed airflow. The left and right sides of the polygon taillights extending inwardly, and in the rear lights and do not use the popular LED bulbs but still using a conventional component. Closed car chassis to make the new Audi A4L level of interference from the car at the end of the airflow to minimize both the low-speed or high-speed form, this design will help to improve the grip and comfort of the vehicle. Currently, the latest new Audi A4L cars under their respective series.
November 16, 2008, domestic new Audi A4L Audi officially released, the 2.0T issued a total of 4 models and 3.2FSI quattro flagship model, price: 2.0T models price range of 298,800 yuan ~ 388,600 Yuan, 3.2FSI quattro flagship model 538,800 yuan, 1.8TFSI models listed in 2009, offer 291,000 yuan. Domestic version of the whole new generation of the Audi A4 formally named: Audi A4L, Audi is the Audi A4L in the Chinese mainland market just launched a new car, the relationship with the A6 and A6L car is similar, but also foreign-made cars in the mainland, for configuration changes and market demand derived from models. After senior high school level luxury cars in China have been a very good choice lengthened and market feedback, this idea is now being extended to its lower level of the mid-size car market. Compared with the European version of the Audi A4, the domestic version of the Audi A4L in terms of body length lengthened 60mm, reached 4763mm, the wheelbase is lengthened by 61mm, reached 2869mm, to meet the higher requirements of Chinese users to take back the space.

A good quality high simulation car model Audi A4L:

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