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Details can reflect the differences in car model


1, weigh component
Because the production of materials automobile model are metal and plastic, so to get a first car models weigh about its weight, if got heavy hands, indicating that its production material in plastic parts rarely. Generally good car model production process component production process is poor car model doubled.
2, watching paint
If you are after a car model manufacturers recognized manufacturers, paint them with paint produced car model with real car paint is exactly the same. It looks bright surface, feels is very slippery. If you are using other paints, it is possible to look more bleak, grainy surface and relatively strong.
3. Look at the gap
After the weigh finished watching paint component and should look at the seams car model. Good car models, hood, doors and trunk lid and the gap between the small and the body more evenly, open and close the door is very smooth. Instead it is a large gap, and the door will be some tilt after some doors open. Combination lights and body should also be smooth, looks no glue or other adhesive residue on it.
4, interior goods
Interior materials is also very particular car model, the leather seats inside the car model, some are made with rubber, looks more real; some of them are directly to do with the leather, so that more time-consuming work, in addition to making the whole car models The cost will go up; some made of plastic trim seats, looks relatively rough.
5, check the chassis
In general, the more sophisticated chassis car model can reflect the real car's chassis, including the details of the performance of the exhaust pipe and the like should be clear and beautiful. On the contrary, some of the more rough on the chassis of the car model manufacturing is not so particular about.
6. View details
And most important thing is to get the car models look at some of the details of the car models. Like engine parts, it should be to restore the real car, a real car model car with numbers above should have. Suede interior, the gear lever position within the digital trunk etc. should have reflected.

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