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What is the car model? How to distinguish in the alloy toy car model


What is the car model? How to distinguish in the alloy toy car model

Although this subject has a lot of friends published opinions, but I would like in my 10 years of experience in the industry simulation model to share with you my views!
Many people think that car model and toy cars, but essentially has a very essential difference between them. Real car model has a very high collection value. The toy car is not. The real car model to meet the following conditions.
 First, the proportion of shape
Cars must be original simulation model is the same, for example, each of the local curvature of the car, pattern, dark line and so on ..... must be reduced in accordance with a certain proportion of our common ratio of 1: 18,1: 24 , 1:43 and some of our unusual ratio of 1: 8,1: 10, 1:12, 1; 32, 1: 87,1: 72 and so on, scale models and original car ratio is a measure of the accuracy of the simulation One important criterion Cars manufacturing level. The toy car designs vary in size, very casual!
 Second, the functional
Simulation car model more functional. Four front and rear cover can be opened, we can clearly watch the internal parts, such as engine body, instrument panel, console, seat spare tire, seat belts, sun baffles and so on: the placenta can be linked ago Round two: the front and rear wheel shock absorbers function. The alloy toy car is mainly used for children's toys, so the design and production process is focused on the safety of toys, small objects can not have a significant scattered, nor beneficial edges and corners and so on. So in function compared with model cars greatly reduced.
Third, the material
Model toy car and alloy material is not much difference with Three main materials are zinc alloy / is mainly used for car body, doors, front and rear cover and other exterior parts), a transparent window is only common transparent material:. GP or SAN. As tires are also used in PVC products are now part of the artificial gum to replace the commonly used plastic ABS. The only difference is in the manufacturing process toy car bigger proportion of outlet material only. Not to distinguish between what the so-called advanced low material.
 Fourth, the production process
Model cars and car toys on substantially the same process, have a hand to do the production, mold production and finished production of three processes. But the model car on three complex than a lot of details on the toy car, I put these three steps below to do a detailed introduction.
1. hand to do the production: a complete car model to go through a real car pictures, do hand to do, mold manufacturing, manufacturing of several processes. The alloy toy car on these processes are not any special requirements. Before making car model hand we do need to take pictures of thousands of Zhang Zhen car photos as a technical basis. The toys just need some basic data. First, because the quality of the finished product depends on the quality of hand-done, and model car appearance and functional requirements are much higher than alloy toy car, so the extent of the production of complex model car hand to do is much higher than the alloy toy car. Automobile production model hand to do time is usually about 45 days, and toys alloy driver need only 15 days to do so.
2. Mold Manufacturing: hand Office confirmed to be finished after a good map design, computer scanner, computer parting, sparks, CNC and other very fine processing technology. Because too many parts, simulation degree appearance and pattern of demanding, leading to mold manufacturing ligand complex is relatively a lot. 1:18 mold production cycle of a car model requires about 90 days to complete. Manufacturing is also a toy car mold takes only about 40 days.
3. the finished product: mold for mass production of the model after confirmation. The production process is extremely complex, which includes a die-casting, injection molding, batch front, polishing, plating, aluminum fly, big guns, small guns, printing, screen printing, assembly, packaging, and so dozens of procedures. Model car, not only in form and function demanding. But also in the dummy bit parts and components (gap) with the upper and gloss paints are very delicate and flow frequency, simulation model cars assembled in virtual spaces can not> 0.5MM, and should be uniform; and in this regard alloy toy car are two completely different quality standards, alloy toy car surface will be very obvious defects, such as: dummy bit uneven paint surface precipitation, surface touch the flowers, orange peel, oil and other phenomena. There is also a very different process materials used in other parts of the head and tail assembly .....

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