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High simulation car model handmade resin


High simulation car model handmade resin
First, the resin introduction:
(1) solid-phase synthetic medium. Generally polystyrene matrix, when modified with a sulfonic acid group or a carboxyl group can be used as cation exchangers; can be used for anion exchange agent when carrying a primary amine or quaternary amine groups. (2) a class of natural solid or semi-solid amorphous water-insoluble material, often plant exudates, such as turpentine.
Second, the resin material advantages:
1, delicate texture, smooth. Free to rub, shape into different shapes to be adhered to a variety of materials.
2, can be rolling into thin slices without cracks, not dry, can be made as real product.
3, clarity, gloss, free to use watercolor or oil paint color harmony.
4, after drying can be easily trimmed easily destroyed.
5, safe and nontoxic, toughness, anti-moth.
6, good elasticity, after forming swaying, lifelike.
7, color white, soft, non-stick and hand tools, flexibility can not expel very thin crack, after having been cured natural petals soft sensuality and shiny.
Resin material and polymer clay compared to the advantages of the resin material is strong malleable and can be more transparent than the clay thinner. There is its color effect, almost as real results can be achieved. Color can be added immediately before the production can also be done after the re-colored. After the resin produced without baking natural setting, while clay oven heating is required to stereotypes.
Handmade resin vehicle products with high precision, brightness, edges and corners clear, easy to wear, easy to scratch, rich colors, shapes and diverse effects, and environmental protection of natural and other advantages.
Third, the high quality resin simulation car model features:
1, the production of the resin vehicle manual process requirements, the general car model production process is difficult to achieve high simulation results.
2, the resin can be as small car model, in batch production, because the resin produced car models produced entirely manual process, it is generally relatively small batch production.
3, Hand Cars resin production cycle is short, because the resin does not require the production of car model mold of time, only to have the relevant information on the car's photos and size, you can manually manufacturing production, and yields are generally handmade resin car model is relatively less so manufacturing production cycle is short, to have people quickly achieve volume production for the car model car brands or car concept.
4, handmade resin vehicle because of its use of a resin material, so the quality of products (including paint gloss, degree of detail, texture, detail display, etc.) can reach a very high respect level, it can simulate degree above the car model achieve ultra-simulation.
5, manual car because the environmental nature of the resin material, it is non-toxic.
Fourth, handmade resin car models Applicability:
1, hand-resin car model applies to the concept of car brands or car owner needs to quickly create high simulation car model entities.
2, handmade resin because of its high degree of simulation performance and excellent texture, which is more suitable to build ultra-high simulation car model, but also a very small proportion of higher really better demonstrate the appearance or performance of the car.

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