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Collection car model, value-added investment


Collection car model, value-added investment
Collection car model, popular in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions abroad and our country a long time, in the early 1980s, the size of a matchbox car models alloy pocket "drive" when our country's progress, only seen the metal shell toy car people eye-opening, tease joy adult children have to wonder, or playing or possessing, enjoying themselves. Today, when the brand more, larger size, more homogeneous species, making more refined, better quality of a variety of car models, in the eyes of the people surprise debut impressively, the more deeply moved by the play of car models without hiding "fever" enthusiasm , fans burst hot!
Stamps, antiques, badges, tickets, sparks, newspapers, coins, magnetic cards and other collectibles have been in China China fame. Now, taking advantage of car models Shengxing more converging to the large number of "possession of car owners."
The author but a family, and thus get a lot of the Friends of Tibet, their ages and career are different, different identity, or the old man, or the young, or childish; for the cadres, corporate officers, private Owners, armed police, students, factory workers ...... but have a common hobby: Favorite car models. They love the fans car, still can not have a private real car today, collections and admiration EXTRAORDINARY SPLENDOUR scene of the world's luxury car models, have become their own "dream come true" in another way.
Beautiful car model endless obsession Friends of Tibet is rapidly increased. Nowadays though and philately army, but on the scale of thousands of other items but never lose collectors class friends to play. And many of them outstanding, rich or collections, or pay attention to taste, or possessed treasures.
It can be said that any one of collectibles, under certain conditions, have the potential to add value and space. Car model is no exception, even had quite prominent. According to information, at a high level of German car models set Mao, a few survive in the world of classic car models, it has sold 600,000 marks the high price! In the United States, there have been a car models Bid $ 200,000 records.
Like this is not a big value is hard to imagine, to commemorate the "God of War" military jeep Willis 50th anniversary, the French company a model specially designed high simulation model of the car, but this took more than 1 year alloy car models developed, the issue facing the country, but only produced a price up to 31,000 Hong Kong dollars! numerous car models of 250 Hong Kong Friends of Tibet, also only have three sales. So to share, not to mention until after 10 or 20 years, that was the room that is equipped with appreciation.
In China, it is not rare car models add significant value. Such as Hong Kong production "MATCHBOX" brand 1:43 classic car model, 1991 in Chengdu market retail price is only 7-8 yuan per vehicle, and has only seven years, the market has reached 80 yuan / vehicles! Added 11 times, even after deducting price Factors, which added space is obvious.
Suddenly, this is a place of "possession" and-all truth, since each one car model can not unlimited production, especially fine up to a certain amount, the manufacturer will immediately seal version discontinued, and some even give destroyed edition, never again yield to show their products rarity.

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