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doors can open car model it? All doors can open car model it? Simu..
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Collection car model, value-added investment

1) solid-phase synthetic medium. Generally polystyrene matrix, when modified with a sulfonic acid group or a carboxyl group can be used as cation exchangers; can be used for anion exchange agent when carrying a primary amine or quaternary amine groups. (2) a class of natural solid or s

are much higher than alloy toy car, so the extent of the production of complex model car hand to do is much higher than the alloy toy car. Automobile production model hand to do time is usually about 45 days, and toys alloy driver need only 15 days to do so. 2. Mold Manufacturing: hand Office confirmed to be finished after a good map design, computer scanner..

1, weigh component Because the production of materials automobile model are metal and plastic, so to get a first car models weigh about its weight, if got heavy hands, indicating that its production material in plastic parts rarely. Generally good car model production process component production process is poor car model doubled. 2, watching paint

The new Audi A4L with a new look and chassis design, in front and behind the car with the Audi A5 is very similar. While the Audi A4L's not considered high-end cars, but the new Audi A4L front design was used with the family in expensive sports car design, which can also be seen for the Audi A4

1, purchase history collocation method: According to the development of the car, the production time collection, study the evolution and development of the car (including the development of shape development, engine, etc.). Mainstream of modern human c

I believe that many car enthusiasts in the choice of what kind of model car models have collectible value when they are guilty of sad, right? In particular, some new to fans of car models such collections, presumably can not distinguish whether this model has a good collection value does not it? Following on from the simulation model cars manufacturers good a..

Former lovers started collecting car models, you should first be able to distinguish the car models and toy cars, because the only model that has the collection value, and generally no toy car collection. In some ways, simulation car model toys for adults, we often see the car models in the large commercial department often appears on the toy counter. However..

Car model is based on a real car scaled down to imitation, strict proportion to the variety of the world's cars reduce manufacturing cost models. The ratio is usually 1:10,1:12,1:16,1:18,1:24,1:32,1:43 like. Cars integrates today's advanced design and manufacturing techniques, such as the low melting point alloy precision die-casting, anion surface coating, p..

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