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Dongguan Shangjia model products Co. Ltd.
Service hotline: 4000-111-239
Fixed phone: 0769-86553789
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Address: No. 3, Zhenlong City, Dongguan City, stone row

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Today is my first to witness the identity of the customer here


Today is my first to witness the identity of the customer in here to bear witness to Dongguan ShangJia car model factory, the strength and credibility of the enterprise nature as there are many people willing to cooperate, and we are on Dongguan Shangjia customer.
In fact, life is full of the unknown, who do not know what will happen the next second, as we, like the Lamborghini car factory, did not expect and Dongguan ShangJia model manufacturer cooperation, but did not think that was a collaboration for many years. They are also the only one car model with our long-term cooperation with limited liability, they let us worry.
Cooperation 4 years, there are many among their peers want to win we become their clients, but we are always Dongguan Shangjia choice, because we are not only a business partner, it is the life of Dongguan Shangjia friend. At the same time we are also helping them grow between us like a mentor, like each other to work together.
Here we thank the Dongguan Shangjia, they have been grateful for our pay, I believe that in the future we will be very pleasant cooperation!

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