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doors can open car model it? All doors can open car model it? Simu..
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Common knowledge confluence third car model


All doors can open car model it? All doors can open car model it?
    Simulation car model manufacturers in Dongguan Co., Ltd. a good model replied: door car models are not necessarily open, and some models can only open the front two doors, and some models are all doors, hood, trunk can Open, as well as the model mirrors, petrol tank cap, front seats, armrest also can open the sunroof can be opened or slipping. Relatively speaking, the more functional, realistic reduction degree is higher, the higher the degree of refinement. Several specific door open is based on factory authorized and factory budget may be.
    Car models can be customized it?
    Simulation car model manufacturers in Dongguan Co., Ltd. a good model replied: Under normal circumstances, the individual is unable to build car model. Custom development is not only a long period car model (usually six months to one year, or even longer!), More important is the design and development model needs to be high mold development costs (typically 30w ~ 60 million range, need more accurate model of cost is even higher.) and the real data of the original car, and the other thing, the model plant production are generally calculated according to thousands of units, based on these fundamental factors, individual generally can not build the model you want.
    The model is not to change the paint?
    Simulation car model manufacturers in Dongguan excellent model Co. replied: This question is also very easy to get, generally do not paint the model shop can be changed, we do not recommend changing the paint. Most of the models are generally painted in model design and production lines when the operation is complete. After finished the changes unlikely. Therefore, you can not change the paint, we can only select manufacturers of color.
   Alloy car model is it? Alloy car model is it?
   Simulation car model manufacturers in Dongguan Co., Ltd. a good model replied: car model body is zinc alloy material, both ABS plastic and rubber, leather and other materials.
    What is the import of the original car model? You said the German original, import the original model of how all Made in china? Not all domestic production of it?
Simulation car model manufacturers in Dongguan Co., Ltd. a good model replied: Indeed, the model origin are "Made in china"! On the current car model market, the world's more than 95 percent of models are produced in China Pearl River Delta region. The current market model sold are produced in mainland China, including the world's top car models brands such as Franklin, MBI, MR, BBR, CMC and other producer in China. It should be noted that the origin of the model does not affect the model itself, the level of technology and quality. Technology and quality of the model depends mainly on mold development model itself and the level of production technology, the plant's quality management and other internal factors. We can change the way of thinking, why are mobile phones, Nokia, Apple's why so many people use? Are produced in mainland China, their quality, the brand has proved everything.
   German original, the original import or imported, these models after production in the mainland, and then exported, the domestic dealers through overseas orders ordered to return again to sell. In particular, such as the BMW factory, Mercedes factory, a class of Audi original model, especially, through their exclusive original custom colors, unique packaging and the only official distribution channels (such models just as car manufacturers Placing parts, each model has an exclusive bar code, is not entirely sold separately), mostly as gifts to our customers. These models domestic brands 4S shops can get their identity confirmed.
    Alloy car models have fake it?
    Simulation car model manufacturers in Dongguan Co., Ltd. a good model replied: Alloy car model, almost no fake. The following reasons:
1. Cars huge investment cost, takes about six months from development to the production of 1/18, calculated in accordance with the output of 5000, but also spent more than 150 million.
2. After a considerable part of the output is a car company car models digest, especially in the domestic retail market, the retail market has not so a lot of worth counterfeiting.
3. Cars are generally shipped directly after the output abroad, foreigners to support property rights protection is very strict, not somebody counterfeiting. 1/18 car models even more impossible. So we have no need to worry about any of counterfeit car models, the cottage does not have a model!

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