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Common knowledge is always the first car model articles


Car model toy? Car models weigh? Car models have a collection certificate? And so on these issues, simulation car model manufacturers in Dongguan Co., Ltd. on the model 11 to do good answer.
   Q: The car model toy? How car models are so expensive? As long as dozens of other blocks.
   Simulation car model manufacturers in Dongguan Co., Ltd. a good model replied: car model is purely static model, not a toy. Car model and car toy essentially different, can not be compared, the price of a completely different nature. We can not measure and determine the vision with a toy car models. General toys basically can be found in all of the wholesale market, but the model is not the case. They are two completely different audiences, it is a completely different concept.
   Q: How much a car model? Weigh? 1:18 car model be? 1:24 be? Weigh?
   Simulation car model manufacturers in Dongguan Co., Ltd. a good model replied: Usually 1:18 car models probably about the size of 25cm in length, except for individual models, in addition to classic cars, 1:24 models are generally the size of 15,16cm or so long. Since the classic car itself is relatively large, 1:24 classic car generally concentrated in the 24cm size. All car model size has a simple calculation, namely: a real car size / 18 or a real car size / 24 to obtain the size of the car model. The weight and size of the model has a direct relationship, and work processes also have a certain relationship. In general, 1: Model NW 18 generally above 1kg ~ 2kg range, there are some heavier model, 1:24 models around 0.5,0.6kg. Because there is packaging model itself, plus shipping produce transport packaging, shipping weight is generally 1:18 models are more than 2kg, 5kg or part of the model reaches more higher. 1:24 model is more common in the first weight range. This is why some models will be shipping the reason of your side.
    Q: The car model has collections certificate? Collection car model has a certificate, a limited number it?
    Simulation car model manufacturers in Dongguan Co., Ltd. a good model replied: Depending on the manufacturer of the brand, not all models are equipped with a certificate and a limited number of favorites. In most cases, the vast majority of the models are not favorites limited number of certificates and collections, but this does not affect the meaning and value of the model itself. It can only be understood as a model certificate with collections limited, relatively speaking, more meaningful. You need to understand at the same time you really need to buy the model itself or need a collection certificate or a limited number.

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